Thursday, 1 April 2021

PodHub UK Podcasts for March 2021

 ...a roundup of our month of podcasting. Links to the team, communities and podcast homes on the net at the foot, so scroll down!

Whatever Works
Episode 132 - A Wee Washing Up Bowl
Friday 5th March
Aidan and I are back with another fun-filled hour of brain-noodling as we chat about Whatever Works for us and you! This time we are transparent about urinals, lead the charge with LEDs and make some smashing bread and coffee again! But don't worry - no sign of eggs!

Phones Show Chat
Saturday 6th March
Steve and I warmly welcome back Mike Warner to natter about all things mobile phone this week as we catch up with his latest delve under the bonnet.

Tech Addicts
Sunday 7th March
Gareth and I are back this week with another bunch of tech stuff to amuse and entertain. Hopefully! Tons of stuff covered as we break the 2 hour barrier for real this time. Woops! Interesting Apps, free stuff to use, bag a bargain and there's even a robot for your toilet!

Projector Room
Episode 83 - Goliath vs Llamageddon
Wednesday 10th March
Gareth, Allan Gildea and I are back again with our fortnightly roundup of stuff we've been tuning into in film, cinema and TV. Plenty of goodies this time again including an experimental Llamageddon Amazon Prime Watch Party, which you can hear our commentary of, while you watch, if you really want to(!) by grabbling the audio file from the show notes - all good fun, so why not!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 629 - Magic and Doze
Saturday 13th March
Steve and I welcome back Malcolm Bryant this week as he gives us a masterclass in Android's Doze and related, keeping many of us from getting timely notifications. All the usual goodies as well of course, plenty of topics and me living on the Edge!

Tech Addicts
Sunday 14th March
Garethand I are back again with our weekly round-up of tech stuff that's caught our eye. Why not join us as we chew it over! Can you Find the right X3 for you? Afford (or want) a very expensive CD Player? How about a retro typewriter keyboard? If all else fails you can Go 2 the action or play Stadia on your XBox!

The Phones Show
Tuesday 16th March
Join Steve as he muses on yesterday's phones, today's phones and explores how to appreciate the true value in the smartphone you are using - and why you really probably don't need that shiny new one!

Whatever Works
Episode 133 - The River Rat
Friday 19th March
Gareth joins Aidan and I this time as we natter for a while about stuff that works for us and you! From rat traps to turbines, ketchup to drones and socks to chains - do tune in and help us decide what BFS means!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 630 - It's All About Feel
Saturday 20th March
James Honeyball is guest of honour this week as Steve and I find out where he's up to with mobile, what devices he's been using and get his take on various topics.

Tech Addicts
Sunday 21st March
Gareth and I are back with another weekly roundup of what's caught our eyes in the tech world. This time we consider massive sensors in phone cameras, massive live Mario figures and massive skybrators! Or how about miniscule Zenfones, bluetooth speakers and Raspberry Pi enclosures? It's all here - and more!

Projector Room
Episode 84 - Rafifi Graffiti
Wednesday 24th March
Gareth, Allan and I are back again with another catch-up on what we, and you, have been consuming in the last fortnight in cinema, in film and TV. American Graffiti was a big one this time with sprinklings of Happy Days and Grease! Loads more of course too.

Chewing Gum for the Ears
Thursday 25th March
Steve and I take a look at the ups and downs of the sadly short life of Mick Ronson, his Bowie/Hunter collaborations, solo work and more. "The Spider with the Platinum Hair".

Phones Show Chat
Episode 631 - The Search Goes On
Saturday 27th March
Steve and I are back with another - our 631st in fact! This time we welcome back Mark Swidler from the good ol' USofA to chat about where he's got to in his mobile world. S59, F3, X3, Mi11, 1+9, G100 and 5ii - the discussion list goes on until we're solar-powered up!

Tech Addicts
Sunday 28th March
Gareth Myles and I are back with another tech natter as we catch up again this week. All sorts of goodies from Poco, Sony, Samsung, Instagram Kids and top it all off a right old Nerdgasm!

The Phones Show
Episode 418 - Xiaomi Mi 11 Review
Tuesday 30th March
Join Steve as he puts this very capable Xiaomi through the review process along with an overview of the range, including the Mi 11 Ultra.

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