Thursday, 15 April 2021

Too Close

This ITV Drama has just aired - the three episode mini-series ending tonight. It really was a quite terrific drama excellently acted by the two leads, Emily Watson and Denise Gough.

It's a sad and insightful story about the two women, one a psychiatrist treating the other as she tries to unpick the background as to why she ended up driving her car through a bridge barrier and into a river whilst her daughter and friend's daughter were strapped in too.

The tale is told and story unfolded from her room at the facility and via much flashback. What becomes clear is that Watson's psychiatrist character has her own background which is being drawn out by having to go about helping her patient.

Both of them have guilty feelings based on their own backgrounds with harrowing grief alongside. There's more to tell as we go along about mental ill-health and society's monitorisation of people's medication, treatment and regimes. If we're going to be picky, I guess we could argue that the psychiatrist was probably not in any fit state to take the case on, given her baggage but I overlooked that.

It's very well paced, produced and acted by the whole cast. I was drawn to it because of knowing Emily Watson's body of work and this is a fine addition. I guess that it will be on the ITV Player for a while. Recommended.

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