Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Nokia 8 Sirocco (Revisited)

As I woke today on 14th November and was greeted with my Nokia 8 Sirocco's November 2018 Google Security Update, I thought it might be time to look back at this device. I also note that AmazonUK are currently selling this for £349. Stunning value for a fabulous phone.

I started listing the Pros and Cons and the little Cons list seems very lonely in comparison to the Pros. But maybe I'm biased, so let's be pragmatic. Some people won't like getting used to the LG Blue tint, though I have to say that I honestly don't notice it now.

So here we go...128GB of storage as standard, 6GB RAM and Snapdragon 835 makes it fly, the glass/steel design is gorgeous - beautiful, very bright 5.5" P-OLED 1440p screen, 16:9 'ordinary' ratio for most content out there, Gorilla Glass 5, IP6/7, Always On customisable Display, AndroidOne with included promises (looking good so far), Dual Cameras with Zeiss Optics and 2x Zoom, OZO Audio Recording with 3 mics, 24-bit Headphone output, NFC, rear-mounted lightning-fast Fingerprint Scanner, Qi Charging, Quick Charge 4, 3260mAh Battery which is good after my long-term tests for 30+hrs, 6+hrs SoT at 40% brightness and finally and crucially for me, HDMI-Out (though sadly locked at the set 128GB).

As for the Cons, LG Blue Tint, no SD Card, no 3.5mm and the Mono speaker could be better. As I said before, I'd have liked expandable memory options and a slightly better speaker (though actually this one is perfectly good for most casual uses) but I don't notice the tint and I ain't bothered about 3.5mm now.

All in all, at this amazing price, I think it's a staggering good purchase which I would recommend to anyone not hung up on those couple of things. Above all, it's a perfect hand and pocket-size device which, because it's 16:9, makes for broad and great viewing of all content whilst not getting 'tall' as is now the trend. Go get one while you can - and no, I don't work for Nokia!

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