Saturday, 1 October 2022

PodHubUK Podcasts for the Month of September 2022

...a roundup of our month of podcasting. Links to the team, communities and podcast homes on the net at the foot, so scroll down!

Whatever Works
Episode 169 - Pentinculated Globes!
Friday 2nd September
An invitation to join, er, have joined, Aidan and I, er, last week, this week. Keep up at the back! 😂 ...laying aside the Transporter Room and Dr Who claptrap, we're back, or were back, with another roundup of Whatever Works for us and you! Plenty to chew over as usual, from inflatable tents and tea-bag squeezers (ooerr) to Airwolf flight and beer mugs! Come and join us for much more and a right ol' hoot! Why would you not?!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 711 - Dual Approach!
Saturday 3rd September
It's PSC time again and this week Steve and I welcome Ian Bundey back to catch up with what gear he's using and why. Plenty of other stuff too, including flipping and folding, Sony's strategy, becoming Experts in RAW and replacement batteries.

Tech Addicts Podcast
Sunday 4th September
Gareth and I back again this week with no power cuts, no severed cables and no holidays! Yours for the full 2 hours and more 😁 This week we check out the IFA2022 highlights, wonder what Samsung and Sony are up to, delve into USB4 v2, consider what 'variable aperture' actually means for Huawei, Glance at Widgets and de-crackle your weekend!

Projector Room
Episode 120 - Spiral Commitments
Tuesday 6th August
Gareth, Allan and I are back a day or two early this week. Aren't you lucky! 😂 This time, in our natter about all things film, cinema and TV we're Divorcing Jack in Ireland, spilling Blood in the Water, Loving Adults, picking The Odd Man Out from our Circle of Friends and loads more as usual.

Phones Show Chat
Episode 712 - Sceptical Island!
Saturday 10th September
This weekend Steve and I welcome back James Honeyball to talk about this Apple-heavy week of announcements as the pair of them decide on their purchases! Meanwhile, I continue to Flip away, with one eye on Pixel and Sony.

Tech Addicts Podcast
Sunday 11th September
We're back again, battling the Sunday morning hangovers to bring you this week's slice of tech twaddle! Gareth and I here with our thoughts on Apple, China, letterbox screens, Sony at play, ChromeOS, pocket computing, Nexus 7 and loads more.

Whatever Works
Episode 170 - Pentinculated Globes!
Friday 16th September
It's that fortnightly fiddle and firk time again as Aidan and I delve into the Wonderful World of Whatever Works, for us and you! Lots of goodies as usual - Aidan oils the gears on his heating plan, we stick frogs to the wall, have jungle beasts make our tea, drip-drip our coffee and even explore washing laundry by hand. Do join us for an hour of fun and frolics!

Phones Show Chat
Saturday 17th September
Steve and I are joined again by Andy Large this week as we catch up with him on all things mobile phone, where he's at, what he's using and likes the look of. Plenty of good stuff as always from iOS16 and iPhone 14 to Sony Gaming and robotic switches!

Tech Addicts Podcast
Sunday 18th September
Join Gareth and I again this weekend as we trail through the tech. This week we go all Gaming with Sony, remember reel-to-reel, reminisce about the Nexus One, wonder why Nokia hates the UK, go all Dynamic Island on Android, chase the modern-day GameBoy and oodles more!

Projector Room
Episode 121 - New Wave Goodbye
Wednesday 21st September
Allan is MIA this time so Steve steps in to join Gareth and I with our fortnightly roundup of all things film, cinema and TV. We Capture the Centre Seat at the End of the Road, wishing we'd not taken a trip to Lorenskog! Scotland treats aplenty and a trip to Katla providing a nice surprise For All Mankind.

Phones Show Chat
Saturday 24th September
A masterclass in post-production editing here from Steve after most things that could have gone wrong, did! Never mind though, as we do salvage the thoughts of Dan Carter in a shorter-than-usual show.

Whatever Works
Episode 171 - Obsidian Orientools!
Friday 30th September
Aidan and I are back to natter once again for an hour about Whatever Works for us and you. This time we're in Sick Bay as we consider the Oximeter, Vitamin D and the odd crutch-holder or two! Plenty of time left to swat flies, rice potatoes and rack rulers!

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