Friday 1 July 2022

PodHub UK Podcasts for the Month of June 2022

  ...a roundup of our month of podcasting. Links to the team, communities and podcast homes on the net at the foot, so scroll down!

Projector Room
Episode 113 - Maverick Moonfall
Wednesday 1st June
The gang is back again with a natter about all things film, cinema and TV. Gareth, Allan Gildea and I pick up your thoughts and reviews as well as bringing our own stuff. We visit Poland for our location and view Silverton Siege in Private Screening. Tom's Top Gun protrudes whilst Moonfall amazes and Candyman scares nobody!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 698 - The Folding Future
Saturday 4th June
Steve and I are back this weekend with YouTube star of the Duo Shane Craig from the good ol' USofA! We do some more deep diving on foldables, pros and cons, where Microsoft are going with this and plenty more besides.

Tech Addicts Podcast
Sunday 5th June
Peep-ho! Back again. Gareth and I with another tantalising trail through tech! This week we go Bananas about Honor-able Sharks, Raleigh around computerised bikes, square up to monitors, Lookout for Amplifiers and bellyache about Bing!

Whatever Works
Episode 164 - Limey Condom Soup!
Friday 10th June
Aidan and I welcome back Steve this time so we catch up with Whatever Works in his life as well as yours. And ours! Desalination, limescale, Polar split-keys and nylon Gucci - it's all here and much more! ...oh, don't forget that we're having a summer break in a fortnight, so we'll be back in 4 weeks!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 699 - Penultimate Ponderings
Saturday 11th June
Steve and I bring you this week's musings as we welcome back Mark Swidler for a chat and drop in a pre-record we had with Aidan about his new Astro Slide. Plus lots of other goodies as always - and phones being boring slabs not mentioned once. Well, except here now!

Projector Room
Episode 114 - Jurassic Invasion
Wednesday 15th June
Allan, Gareth and I are back again with our fortnightly roundup of all things film, cinema and TV. We go dinosaur mad with a Spaced Out Invasion, get the Tunis blues and look at the Stranger Things of Berlin!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 700 - Beautiful Dorset
Saturday 18th June
James Burland is our guest this week as he tells us all about how he uses Apple products in his life and brings news of his newly-launching imaging service. Plenty of other stuff too, of course, so why not join the fun with Steve and I.

Tech Addicts Podcast
Sunday 19th June
We're back! Gareth and I toy with tons of tech again as we chew over the week's findings. We Marshall in new Ikea Turntables, wonder about Windmills over Solar, Type out a naughty report for Three on a Silver Reed, try new Calendars and Email clients and oodles more!

Phones Show Chat
Saturday 25th June
Steve and I welcome back Marton Barcza of Tech Altar to chat about all things mobile phone and beyond as we Altar the landscape! Loads of topics and news to cover, so do join us.

Tech Addicts Podcast
Sunday 26th June
Gareth and I are here for a Dizzy look at turbulent tech tinctures this week! MOZI havit but NZXT just conducts us. Invite madness deserves Nothing, or not, Micron has bigger Micros and we also bang on about a couple of tablets not worth mentioning! You can waste a couple of hours with us if you like or go paste your thermals!

Projector Room
Episode 115 - Off Season Ottoman
Wednesday 29th June
The movie mashers are back for another fortnightly roundup, so why not join Gareth, Allan and I for 90 minutes. We visit Strange New Worlds, Uncharted, grab some loot in Korea and end up in a Great Raid at Manila. Plenty of True Things, sharks and even piranhas!

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