Sunday 1 August 2021

PodHub UK Podcasts for the Month of July 2021

  ...a roundup of our month of podcasting. Links to the team, communities and podcast homes on the net at the foot, so scroll down!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 646 - Drones and Phones
Saturday 3rd July
Steve Litchfield and I are back again this weekend with another roundup of all things mobile phone. This time we welcome Ian Barton to the show who gives us a rundown of his tech history and how he makes a Chromebook work so well for him alongside his phones.

Tech Addicts Podcast
Sunday 4th July
Another Epic weekend meander from Gareth and I! Black Screen of Death in Windows 11, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 price, Fitbit smart rings and Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 rumbles. It's all here and more!

The Phones Show
Thursday 8th July
Join Steve over on his YouTube Channel as he digs through the options and tries to come up with an answer. More chat about this topic on PSC at the weekend, no doubt.

Whatever Works
Episode 141 - Back in Your Cage!
Friday 9th July
Aidan and I return after a long fortnight (in which everyone else but us seem to have been enthused about sport) with a tidy little look at Whatever Works in our lives and in the lives of the Group members here. Light up your life with the moon or a lamp, press a sandwich, fly around the lawn or just make your toilet cleaner and more comfy!

Phones Show Chat
Saturday 10th July
Steve and I are back this weekend and joined for a while by the BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones. He gives us an overview of what gear her uses, what it's like to work as a high-profile journalist/presenter and how he fits this all in with his health difficulties.

Tech Addicts Podcast
Gareth and I are here again with another weekend roundup of what's caught our eye in the world of tech this week. Drones in phones and Android in Cameras? To N-Gage with Naughty OnePlus is enough to make Alexa swear! 

Phones Show Chat
Episode 648 - OnePlus 9 Equals 10, Duh!
Saturday 17th July
Steve and I are here with a just-the-two-of-us catch-up on all things mobile phone this week. Plenty to chat about including the latest on Android 12 Beta 3, my thoughts on the OnePlus 9 and Steve's Sony/Samsung comparison. All good stuff, so do join us!

Whatever Works
Episode 142 - Vibrating Pumps!
Wednesday 21st July
Aidan Bell and I return in the sweltering heat to bring you an hour or so of mayhem as we consider Whatever Works for us and you! Plenty of claptrap as usual including The Grand Toilet Roll Debate(!), the perfect hand-held (ooerr!), the puff loofah and a (non vibrating) pump or two!

The Phones Show
Episode 425 - Chasing the Hardware
Friday 23rd July
Steve is here with his thoughts on hardware and how important (or not) supporting OS has become (for him)! Confused? Check it out over at his YouTube Channel.

Phones Show Chat
Episode 649 - Laggy Ultra!
Saturday 24th July
Steve and I are are back with another roundup of all things mobile phone and this weekend welcome back Tayo Olasope as we catch up with him, what he's using and grab his thoughts on software, hardware, new and old!

Tech Addicts Podcast
Gareth and I are back after our summer break with a bumper crop of tech twaddle. Why not join us as we chuck Steam into a Stream, keep our Barracuda away from our Yamaha, get all Rugged with Panny and have a two-way radio call with Windows in the Cloud!

Projector Room
Episode 92 - Subway Hunter
Wednesday 28th July
We're back! And with a feature-packed show in which Gareth, Allan and I consider all things film, cinema and TV. This time we get on track with a trains theme, see both sides in Flop of the Fortnight, get a taste of what to look forward to and say goodbye to too many folk who have given so much.

Phones Show Chat
Saturday 31st July
Steve and I are back this weekend as we welcome Marton Barcza of TechAltar to join us once again. Loads of interesting debate and thoughts on the world of mobile phone ensue of course.

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