Tuesday 10 August 2021

Kindred (2020)

Nothing much to get excited about here. It's a real run-of-the-mill little mystery/thriller thing which I would have expected to see in 3 parts on terrestrial TV to be honest. Don't get me wrong, it's OK and (at least) two of the three leads do a decent enough job.

Fiona Shaw carries it with good and sinister support from Jack Lowden. There's one monologue in the middle of the film where she sits for an extraordinary amount of time with the camera focused on her as she tells the tale of some of the background - worth seeing alone.

Right, so there's a couple. Rich kid meets poor girl. Madly in love. Rich kid hates his rich family, the family home and all the expected behaviours demanded of him by his mother within this monied, posh background and backdrop in rural England. Most of the film is shot inside the huge family home.

The couple decide to get away from all these trappings and move to Australia. His mother is distraught. Especially when she discovers that poor girl is pregnant and rich kid gets killed! It leaves poor girl at the mercy of the family. Mother and step-son taking care of her to make sure that rich kid's child continues the family name etc. Hence the title.

Things take a slightly sinister turn as the details of the background of the husband, the step-son and poor girl herself start to come out and we are given insight into what lengths the family will go to, to ensure the child is safe and nothing goes wrong with the pregnancy.

There are a few turns in the proceedings (not strong enough to be called twists) and a story evolves which uncovers some sinister dealings and stuff from the past. It could have been a stage play really. In fact, it might end up being I guess as the setting is pretty insular.

It's slow-paced but well acted. It's quite thoughtfully shot, but it's not in any way gripping. Standard TV thriller stuff, as I say. It's available via NowTV/SkyTV or DVD if you really must! I should wait 'til it comes to the Beeb - which I'm sure it will. Just up their street!

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