Saturday, 1 August 2020

The PodHubUK Podcasts for July 2020

...a roundup of our month of podcasting. Links to the team, communities and podcast homes on the net at the foot, so scroll down!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 572 - SE, Betas and The Fold
Saturday 4th July 2020
Steve and I welcome back Tim Evans to chat for an hour about all things mobile phone including his considered take on the iOS 14 changes.

Phones Show Chat
Episode 573 - Where is Ted and What Have You Done with Him?
Tuesday 7th July 2020
In this week's mid-week natter Steve and I talk more closely about the iPhone SE (2020), iOS14 and how a two-year-old flagship is as good as anything new and expensive!

Projector Room
Episode 66 - Black Water Beneath
Wednesday 8th July 2020
The Gentlemen are back again for a fortnightly delve into all things film, cinema and TV. Why not join Gareth, Allan Gildea and I as we take comments from the group here and add our own thoughts. A RocknRolla of a show with no fallout from impossible missions!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 574 - Desperately Seeking QWERTY
Friday 9th July 2020
Steve and I are back again with more mobile phone fun, this time with Mike Robins who's been testing out keyboards on phones. I'm all tied up with iOS14 still and Steve, back on Pixel!

Whatever Works
Episode 115 - The Tea Party
Friday 10th July 2020
Aidan and I have a virtual Tea Party across two countries(!) to test a very special blend of tea with some very special guests! Loads of other stuff as usual of course as we discover Whatever Works for us and in the lives of the members here.

The Phones Show
Episode 400 - Retrospective and Well Wishers
Monday 13th July 2020
Join Steve over on his YouTube Channel as he is joined by a small band of supporters and looks back at 14 years of The Phones Show. Do you remember how the first one looked? He demonstrates! Here's to the next milestone!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 575 - Single Take iPhone
Tuesday 14th July 2020
Steve and I are back with another midweek filler and catchup. We chat lots about iOS and iPhones, with a promise to do much more Android again on this weekend's show!

Better Before
Episode 1 - Watches and Comics!
We're here! Aidan and I bring you the first podcast-proper as we natter about all sorts of stuff from Watches to Children's TV trying to decide if it was better before.

Phones Show Chat
Episode 576 - Zooming with Your Feet
Saturday 18th July 2020
Steve and I welcome back Chris Kelly to natter lots about photos from phones, bolt-on gear and loads of other stuff.

Phones Show Chat
Episode 577 - Roving the Smartphone Landscape
Tuesday 21st July 2020
Steve and I are back again and this time we apply an X-Ray to Xiaomi to understand their product line, appreciate the Nokia 9 PureView again and consider the 2020 Smartphone options (for some)!

Projector Room
Episode 67 - Ebbing Springs
Wednesday 22nd July 2020
Gareth, Allan and I are back again with another slice of what we've all been watching in the last fortnight in film, cinema and TV. This time with our new section to look out for Private Screening!

Whatever Works
Episode 116 - Orange Triangles
Friday 24th June 2020
Aidan and I are back with another riot of a show to share with you! This time we're playing with aircraft of various kinds, squeezing fruit and showing dust who's the master!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 578 - Beyond Huawei and Honor
Saturday 25th July 2020
Steve and I welcome James Pearce back this weekend as we get his thoughts on what it was like to work for the tech giant for the last few years. Plus all the usual features of course.

Chewing Gum for the Ears
Episode 21 - The Naughty Nineties!
Monday 27th July 2020
This time Steve and I catch up with what were listening to back in the 1990's, when Earthquakes, Moons and Rays of Light made us sit up and listen.

Phones Show Chat
Tuesday 28th July 2020
Steve and I are back again with another mid-week outing as we catch up on our latest musings on all things mobile phone. We Float the Note for those Bored with the Nord!

The Phones Show
Episode 401 - Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Review
Friday 30th July 2020
Join Steve over at his YouTube Channel as he brings us his thoughts on a cracker from Xiaomi for £249.


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