Sunday, 19 July 2020

Corded Handheld Stick Vacuum (oneday)

Living half one's life in a Static Caravan, motorhome, caravan or mobile home throws up small problems which are often not so clear in a house where there's plenty of room. Fixtures and fittings are often packed in with little room between them for access. I recently got back to my Static after lockdown and it was a dust-bucket!

My previously reviewed Gtech AirRam MK2 is excellent for general use - and battery-driven, but it has no tools or attachments for nooks and crannies! Enter the fifty quid 'oneday' stick cleaner! I guess any old stick cleaner will do, I remember Steve Litchfield importing a Bitzwolf model and thought it was great, but this was cheaper and readily available in the UK via Amazon.

It's light at 1.5Kg and handheld with a transparent casing so you can see what it is up to whilst in use, spinning around! Apparently it has 15kPa (whatever that means in old money) with HEPA filtration (absorbing allergens) and energy class A+ (I really must do more reading)!

Back in the real world, the suction seems to be very good and the not-too-loud motor is rated at 400W, well good enough for the task, part of which I guess is down to it being corded and not battery-driven. 400W sounds like it's a bit of a low-power thing, but in use it really doesn't seem so - particularly for my 'secondary' nooks and crannies use. The fact that it is not battery-driven does rule it out when really off-grid, I guess, if touring for example, but will remain very useful for cleaning up when home again.

The cord that comes with it is 30 feet long, which means that I can plug it in at the middle of the Static and it reaches both ends with ease. Supplied are an extension tube x 2, square brush, floor brush, mattress brush and crevice brush. So tools for every corner and more, well thought out.

There's also a base where all the stuff fits tidily for putting away - except for the long cable which doesn't fit anywhere! If you use the velcro strap which is on it, you can wrap it all up, but it certainly doesn't fit in the base in any way.

The two extension pipes fit together to double the reach and save people's backs bending over! The crevice tool is great for getting into patio-door or sliding shower-doors' runners and also the floor brush for the lino in the kitchen. Best thing though is just the pipe, for getting under radiators, along edges and round the back of the loo, as I say, especially when space is designed to be tight to pack stuff in.

All the components easily come apart and can be washed in soapy water, dried and put back together for next use. So far, so good. Well priced and my dust-bucket, after whizzing around with The Ram and following up with this, is dust free! Well, for a while! No wonder I was waking up with blocked sinuses! Recommended after initial use.

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