Wednesday, 1 July 2020

The PodHubUK Podcasts for June 2020

...a roundup of our month of podcasting. Links to the team, communities and podcast homes on the net at the foot, so scroll down!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 563 - Strapping on the Fan
Tuesday 2nd June 2020
Steve and I are back with a short'n'sweet mid-week'r as we natter about further discovery regarding the ROG Phone II, iPhone Reframing and another Pixel Feature-Drop.

Phones Show Chat
Episode 564 - Massively Multiple Mobile Man
Saturday 6th June 2020
Steve and I welcome Dan Carter back after a long absence from PSC and he runs through his current review devices. Plus all the usual stuff of the show.

Phones Show Chat
Episode 565 - Xiaomi Impresses, Moto Confuses
Tuesday 9th June 2020
Steve and I are back with another Midweek Special with loads of stuff to chew over in the wonderful world of mobile! I roundup my Asus ROGII review (for now) and Steve considers the X-Factor!

Projector Room
Episode 64 - The Elephant and the Pigeon
Wednesday 10th June 2020
More film, TV and cinema natter from the gang for an hour or so in our fortnightly roundup. I'm joined as always by the Dynamic Duo Gareth and Allan as we field your comments and chat about what we've been watching. From Dubious Dolls to Dali's Dreams. Dude!

Whatever Works
Episode 113 - Take Two Twerps
Friday 12th June 2020
Yes, that's Aidan Bell and I 🙃 Regardless, we're back with another thrilling episode this week in which we consider Whatever Works for us and you! Join us as we get all humid and frothy!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 566 - Just Some Gadget Guy
Saturday 13th June 2020
Steve and I are back again with more mobile phone natter and this time we're joined by Juan Carlos Bagnell of somegadgetguy fame! We talk a lot about imaging and particularly interestingly, in relation to Sony.

The Phones Show
Episode 397 - Xiaomi POCO F2 Pro
Monday 15th June 2020
Join Steve over in his YouTube Channel as he takes a close look at this Xiaomi 'flagship at a bargain price' to see how it stacks up.

Phones Show Chat
Episode 567 - Downsizing. Or Maybe Not
Tuesday 16th June 2020
Steve and I are back with another midweek catch-up. In an X-Rated world we consider more Xiaomi, a tincture of Xperia, but draw the line at Xylophone!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 568 - Mobile Tech from 1990 Onwards
Saturday 20th June 2020
Steve and I are back again with another delve into all things mobile phone. Axon, Armor and Asus steel us for the tuff stuff! Steve also chats with Dave Shevett about his path through mobile tech.

The Phones Show
Episode 398 - Realme X3 SuperZoom Review
Wednesday 24th June 2020
It's got 5x periscope optics and 120Hz screen, all for less than £500. In this review @Steve Litchfield talks about some of the caveats and compromises.

Projector Room
Episode 65 - Primal Peninsula
Wednesday 24th June 2020
The full gang are back this time so why not join Gareth, Allan, Steve and I as we natter for an hour about what we've been watching lately and take some comments from you good folk, too.

Phones Show Chat
Episode 569 - SuperZoom
Tuesday 23rd June 2020
Steve and I are back with another PSC catchup show as I consider a phone-supporting monitor and Steve, the latest from Realme and Apple. Plus a bunch of other stuff as usual.

Phones Show Chat
Episode 570 - Advanced Audio, Good Vibrations
Saturday 27th June 2020
Steve and I are back again with another show packed with mobile phone chatter including the PSC Photo of the Month. This time we welcome back Steve Nutt to get his take on audio goodness.

Whatever Works
Episode 114 - Trucker Tuck
Saturday 27th June 2020
Why not join Aidan and I for an hour as we consider Whatever Works in our lives and take your items too. From cool Ice and Fans to hot Tea and Coffee, something for everyone, so bring your own Custard Creams!

The Phones Show
Episode 399 - Sony Xperia 1 mk II Review
Monday 29th June 2020
Join Steve over on his YouTube channel as he considers the latest and greatest phone from Sony. An ambitious all-singing, all-dancing smartphone that falls flat in just a couple of areas.

Phones Show Chat
Episode 571 - £200 vs £1000
Tuesday 30th June 2020
Steve and I are back with another mid-week'er to chat about all things mobile phone for a while. Interest in gaming drops as does Realme's SuperZoom!


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