Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Canvas Travel Bag

I have been looking for a holdall or some sort of stuff-carrying solution for a while. I even considered a shopping trolly at one stage! These type of holdalls are wildly varied in priced at Amazon UK but there's a good pick.

I decided to try this one as it was on a near-half-price sale, though actually I think it's probably worth the normal £20 price after using it. It's a big holdall/bag which you typically see on the likes of Breaking Bad or Fargo being stuffed full of cash! It's about 2ft wide, 18" high and about a foot fat. Perfect size for me on a daily basis lugging stuff around with me, but also I could see, a weekend-away bag and good for flights.

It's made of thick canvas of some sort, is fairly light, though there's no mention of any sort of waterproofing. I guess it could be sprayed with a guard or wax-treated if that's important. It has studs on the bottom and sturdy-looking rivets holding the canvas to the faux leather straps and big handles. It has a solid-looking zip across the main compartment and D-Rings at each end to hold the (very long) shoulder strap, for those who need it. It can be removed. The base section is also made of that same faux leather and looks like it's well stitched - as is all the stitching around the bag.

The bag has one main section but on the inner sides there's all sorts of pouches and zipped pockets for organising stuff as you like within the cotton-looking soft lining. There's even external zipped pockets for more stuff. The accommodation has been well thought out to make the most use of the size of the bag and panels but retaining potential use as one-big-space.

Available from Amazon UK in Grey, Coffee or Black. I've only just got this, so will report back if it doesn't last - but it really looks as though it will take some abuse over time. The only complaint I have is that the sides are in no way 'solid' - so you put the bag on the floor the sides just flop downwards taking up any empty space in the bag. Of course if the bag is full, it stays in shape (as they clearly have done for the modeling photo here) - but I guess you can't have everything. It's light and flexible instead of a rigid suitcase! Looking very nice and so far, recommended.

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