Saturday 8 June 2024

Dentistry - Look away if you're queasy!

I said I'd feed back after my dentistry, so I am now. It all happened yesterday. Wuss that I am, I found it all very traumatic really though the dentist chappie, Ivan Sasu, was very nice, but it would have been terrible without the Diazepam I think.

Two gaping holes in m'gob now, very, very clean 6 teeth at the front and a seriously numb gob! I was in the chair for over an hour. 
Hopefully that will be the end of the big work now though. Being fitted for dentures will be a breeze at my next appointment in August after these extractions (and severe cleaning). I have 7 teeth left for the dentures to anchor.

I took 40mg in the end. I tried 30mg but 45 minutes later into the waiting hour, it didn't feel like enough, so I took 10mg more. Glad I did. I got local anaesthetic (even) on the sites where he was going inject. When he pulled them, I really didn't know they'd gone. That's what I call numb! And I was numb for 8 hours after!

It's a lovely dentist though. The nicest ever seen. And all the people there are just lovely. It's more like a plush office suite really with soft chairs/sofas, loads of space, big rooms, tall ceilings - not the usual nasty, pokey, claustrophobic places one usually faces.

They said no alcohol for 24 hours but after a day like that, bollocks to that! Ha! I took the risk! This morning, I feel sore, yes, but with a huge sense of relief. The dangling sword of Damocles has been cut down. £285 charged, which, for the way I was treated, I thought to be a bargain. Arch Dental of North Wales recommended.

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