Thursday 30 November 2023

PodHubUK Podcasts for the Month of November 2023

...a roundup of our month of podcasting. Links to the team, communities and podcast homes on the net at the foot, so scroll down!

Projector Room
Episode 149 - Old Dads' Bodies
Wednesday 1st November
Gareth, Allan and I are back with another roundup of goodies from film, cinema and TV. This time we focus on the work of Jodie Foster, Matthew Perry and Richard Roundtree, Shaft 12 Angry Men in an Impossible Mission, travel back to Finland and oodles more.

Phones Show Chat
Episode 774 - Phone Manufacturers that Begin with 'S'
Saturday 4th November
Steve and I are joined again this week by Steve Nutt who chats with us about accessibility with folding devices, having tested it out now. We also talk about Sony's Xperia phones again, Pixel Fold, Surface Duo 2 and oodles of other stuff. Available in the usual places, so do join us for an hour.

Whatever Works
Episode 196 - Piaggio Motocompacto!
Wednesday 8th November
Aidan and I are back again for more fun and frivolity as we delve into the Wonderful World of Whatever Works! Plenty of clap-trap as usual amongst pearls from us and you. Heated gloves, Ladder Mats, Steam engines from coffee, towel holders, deck shoes - something for everyone. Yes - even you! So do join us for an hour when you run out of anything sensible to do!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 775 - Xtreme Xiaomi and Diabolical Doogee
Saturday 11th November
Steve and I bring you Adrian Brain this week as we delve deep into some interesting and different topics - along with the usual suspects about what we're up to. Yes, a Doogee with a 22,000mAh Battery!

Tech Addicts Podcast
Where the EE Roam
Sunday 12th November
Gareth and I are roamin' around this time for free while EE charges for it, Steamdeck OLED, Nintendo, .ing domains, Tab S9 FE, Doogee tablets, Anker Aerofit, HMD and Nokia devices, Oppo Find N3, Sony A9 III, Samsung Active5, WhatsApp ads, Facebook and Instagram subscriptions - another packed show again this fortnight (not Fortnite)!

Projector Room
Episode 150 - The Killer Fingernails
Wednesday 15th November
Gareth, Allan and I are here again to bring you our thoughts on what we, and you, have been watching in film, cinema and TV. We focus on the work of David Thewlis, go Divorcing Jack, take a Sly look at Dead Snow and loads more. So Get Out and about with Us and don't say Nope to a couple of hours of good natter.

Phones Show Chat
Episode 776 - From Mini to Max in MagSafe
Saturday 18th November
Steve and I are joined again by Jon Trimmer this week as we chat about the devices he's using lately with a focus on folding again and the OnePlus Open in particular. Lots of other stuff as usual.

Whatever Works
Episode 197 - Santa's Fluffs!
Wednesday 22nd November
Aidan and me, back again, to bring you an hour of confusion, nonsense, chaos and mayhem! So break out your brolly as we shower you with a deluge of do-do!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 777 - The Pixel Fold Special
Saturday 25th November
This week Steve and I welcome back Jim Fowl to chat about the Pixel Fold as we've all three now had hands-on, shoved and shuffled it around! Other stuff too, including a 2014 phone and even an iPod Touch!

Projector Room
Episode 151 - Napoleon's Crown
Wednesday 29th November
Allan, Gareth and I are back again with our fortnightly roundup of all things film, cinema and TV. This time Gareth launches into his deep appreciation of all things Bruce Campbell in Themed Treats, we get a Locked In Private Screening, go bonkers with a Jaws Parody, consider the American-sounding Bonaparte and share divided views on all things royal!

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