Sunday 1 October 2023

PodHubUK Podcasts for the Month of September 2023

...a roundup of our month of podcasting. Links to the team, communities and podcast homes on the net at the foot, so scroll down!

Whatever Works
Episode 192 - Carry On Camping!
Saturday 2nd September
Aidan and I mulch through the usual load of clap-trap we bring, adding to the pearls that you good folk offer into the mix. Loofahs and Dragons, the stickiest thing in the world, bin-liners, ear-plugs, it's all here for the plucking! With a 'P'. Available in the usual places, so do launch in when you have bugger all else to do for an hour!

Phones Sho
w Chat
Episode 765 - Impending iPhone
Saturday 2nd September
This week Steve and I chat with Dan Carter about the usual ton of topics on PSC including a focus on the Sony Xperia 5 Mk.V and Fairphone 5. We lurch into Lenovo and meander into Motorola and Microsoft with ThinkPhone being clearly for business use and declare there to be life in the Surface Duo yet. Loads more, so do join us via the usual routes.

Tech Addicts Podcast
Tdarr Me Hearties!
Sunday 3rd September
This week, Gareth and I lose track of time and prattle on for a record amount of it! Sony Playstation Portal, Hyper X Cloud III, that Windows 11 update, Google Lacros, the Atari 2600+, Lenovo Legion Go, the wonder that is Tdarr and the Asus Zenfone 10 are touched on alongside the possibility of Oppo being dumped by the UK? Available in all the usual places, so do join us for, er, yes - 4 minutes longer than our previous record! (Good job we didn't include the 75-minute pre-amble! 😂)

Phones Sho
w Chat
Episode 766 - All-in On Flagships
Saturday 9th September
Alan Newton joins and I this week as we delve once again into the marvellous medium of mobile! Loads of topics and devices covered as usual (Alan's had hands-on with every device on the planet!) with software and services too. Available in the usual places, so do join us for an hour.

Whatever Works
Episode 193 - Carry On Camping!
Wednesday 13th September
Aidan and I are back with a frightfully posh episode of your favourite Pod! This time we natter for an hour about chargers and scooters and comfy chairs and vacuum cleaners and recycling - and even xmas! What? Already?! Do join us - you know where to find it. You're always welcome in our house of crazy-talk!

Phones Sho
w Chat
Episode 767 - The iOS/Android Pendulum
Saturday 16th September
Steve and I, back again this week and with Tayo Olasope along for the ride. He tells us about the gear he's using and what he thinks about all things mobile just now. Plus loads of other stuff as usual. Available in all the usual places, so do join us.

Tech Addicts Podcast
Suffering Starfield!
Sunday 17th September
Gareth and I are back for a rip-roaring fortnightly catchup on all things tech that are fit for a Dragon! Harmony, Huawei and China in space, MediaTek on 3nm and the Moto Edge 40 Neo, ClockworkPi and Logitech's Reach, Nintendo and PlayStation, Google in the Kitchen for a decade and even TikTok in Dublin! This and oodles more, so do join us - available in the usual places.

or Room
Episode 146 - River Wild Invasion
Wednesday 20th September
Allan, Gareth and I are back again after our summer break with another rip-roaring adventure into all things film, cinema and TV. This time we focus on John Lithgow, get confused with Shining Girls (those of us who watched it!), live Past Lives and end up Good, Bad and Ugly! Plus loads more, as always. Available in the usual places, so do join us.

Phones Sho
w Chat
Episode 768 - Always on the Cutting Edge
Saturday 23rd September
This week Steve and I welcome back Andy Moon to catch up on devices he's been playing with over the last year. Plenty of natter besides with Google QPR, iOS17, Sony's red-flag, new Moto gear, Samsung (of course) and even Photo of the Month for August - all available in the usual places, so why not join us for an hour.

Whatever Works
Episode 194 - The Chocolate Fork!
Wednesday 27th September
Aidan and I are back again with another dose of delusion! All sorts of goodies on the table as usual from weeders to landing lights, flushing garlic to long spoons and even coloured plugs to Square Miles! Available in the usual places of course, so do join us for an hour. Sorry Aidan - 55 minutes!

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