Tuesday, 1 February 2022

PodHubUK Podcasts for the Month of January 2022

...a roundup of our month of podcasting. Links to the team, communities and podcast homes on the net at the foot, so scroll down!

Phones Show Chat
Saturday 1st January
Steve and I bring you our New Year's Day offering in the form of a podcast featuring Jeremy Harpham! We natter for an hour about all things mobile phone of course looking back at 2021 and predicting what's to come next! Happy New Year!

Tech Addicts Podcast
Sunday 2nd January
We're back! After a seasonal break Gareth and I are back just in time to bid farewell to the DSLR, 2TB microSD and Museletters, and welcome the Amiga A500 Mini! We talk TikTok, sensible new hardware, daft new hardware and in Gareth's case, daft old hardware! Loads of stuff, so get stuck in!

Whatever Works
Episode 153 - Skydiving Fish Detritus!
Friday 7th January
Aidan and I are here once again to Badger you for hour with another deluge of drivel - as we consider Whatever Works for us and you! Oodles of oddities including organisers, trainers, old Microwaves, word games and neck fans!

Phones Show Chat
Saturday 8th January
Yes indeed, something different and more interesting than the normal phones out there. Steve and I have a great chat with Marek Pawlowski about that very thing - and come up with some options. We also announce the Photo of the Month and look forward to Photo of the Year!

Tech Addicts Podcast
Sunday 9th January
It's Sunday again, which means Gareth and I are back with more tinctures of tech - including much that caught our eye in Las Vegas. (Not that we were there!) Loads of stuff from all the big players including TCL, Samsung, Acer, Asus, Razer...the list goes on! Highlights galore and we pick up on some of the week's other news too.

Projector Room
Episode 104 - Silent Afterlife
Wednesday 12th January
Gareth, Allan and I are back again this fortnight with a delve into what we, and you, have been consuming in film, cinema and TV. Loads of goodies as usual including Parisian Treats, a trip to the moon and New Blood from old ideas - all from the 3 Idiots!

Phones Show Chat
Saturday 15th January
Steve and I are back this weekend with guest Juan Carlos Bagnell tagging along for a natter for an hour about all sorts of hot phone-related topics. Plus all the usual features of course, including the winner of Photo of the Year for 2021

Tech Addicts Podcast
Sunday 16th January
Another deluge of dung this weekend now available via the link here or your podcatcher! Join Gareth and I as we murder Moto, ridicule Realme, mush Meta, Zoom into Stream Deck and go Monster Blasting!

Phones Show Chat
Saturday 22nd January
Steve and I back again this weekend with a catch-up on all sorts of stuff, including my first look at the Pixel 6 Pro and Fairphone 4 with Steve pushing the Duo 2 further. We both take a swipe at RCS and much more.

Tech Addicts Podcast
Sunday 23rd January
Gareth and I discuss the sighting of the S8 Ultra on Amazon, Microsoft purchasing Activision Blizzard, new Chromebooks, Dimensity 10000 and more in our weekly tinker with tech.

Whatever Works
Episode 154 - The Clock Watch!
Sunday 23rd January
Aidan and I are here again to consider once more Whatever Works for you and us! Loads of goodies as usual, from Karaoke to Kronaby, bread to eggs, hooks to threaders and Samson to stands. All here in amongst the usual plethora of chaos, fun and jingles!

Projector Room
Episode 105 - Star Wars Below
Wednesday 26th January
Gareth, Allan and I are here again with our regular fortnightly roundup of what we, and you, have been watching in film, cinema and TV. Plenty to talk about as usual - we head for Mumbai in Themed Treats, consider The War Below in Private Screening and leap from Chinatown to Brooklyn as we don Antlers for some big scares!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 678 - Stunning Redmis
Saturday 29th January
Steve and I return this weekend to natter about all things phone as we welcome back Mike Warner. We find out what he's been using, his disaster, his solution and what's en route! Plus all the other usual stuff, news, foul-ups and fixes!

Tech Addicts Podcast
Sunday 30th January
Gareth and I are back with another couple of hours of tech twaddle as we hover over the headlines and précis our picks. We Bond with flying cars, Pedal Streaming and Steaming, meander through Magic and clamber through Chrome. We even have time to rifle back through painful experiences!

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