Friday 1 October 2021

PodHubUK Podcasts for the Month of September 2021

  ...a roundup of our month of podcasting. Links to the team, communities and podcast homes on the net at the foot, so scroll down!

The Phones Show
Thursday 2nd September
Steve is back with another video via his YouTube Channel in which he puts this large and capable Xiaomi flagship to the test. Plenty to like, but is it the best of the best?

Whatever Works
Episode 144 - No Fight In-Flight!
Friday 3rd September
Aidan and I slog out another fine episode! Plenty of content after our summer break, from Vacuums to Valves, Vestaboard to Veather Stations (it's a German week!) and much more apart from these V's-ups!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 657 - Rigid Health
Saturday 4th September
Steve and I chat to Ewan Spence this week about all things mobile phone - past, present and future. Not much time for much else(!) but we do manage to squeeze in the essentials!

Projector Room
Episode 95 - Fried Flies
Thursday 9th September
Gareth, Allan and I are back again this week with another elongated venture into all things film, cinema (theatre!) and TV. Plenty to talk about as always from winding wind, motley musketeers and fried green tomatoes to spiders, flies and shrinking men! Do join us!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 658 - Digital Pandemic
Saturday 11th September
Steve and I are joined again by J B Walsh as we catch up with where he's at in tech/mobile, especially in relation to his medical role and extensive use of iOS devices in Dublin. We also declare POTM for August. Available via and as always, your podcatcher. Enjoy 😷 #podcasts

Tech Addicts Podcast
Sunday 12th September
Gareth and I are back again with our usual weekly roundup of tech twaddle as we understand it. Or not! We Dock our TikTok as a new Duet whilst HPS and JBL'ing our way through Nano nonsense! We not only Switch our Drive and Razer our Basilisk but even OTA our Qi - and much more!

Chewing Gum for the Ears
Episode 27 - 2010-2019
Wednesday 15th September
Steve and I are here again with our now'n'then dip into music and what we're listening to. This time we cover the decade 2010-2019 dredging up twenty pearls!

Whatever Works
Episode 145 - Latent Funnels Scoop!
Friday 17th September
Aidan and I return with another hour of mayhem and chaos as we discover Whatever Works in our lives and those of the Group Members here. We offer a fanfare for the eventual arrival of the funnels to put an end to the saga, whilst battling spiders and working out what Grandma Sharks can be!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 659 - The Great Flip-Flop
Saturday 18th September
Steve and I welcome drop-ins this week from Zac Kew-Denniss and Mike Warner as we pave the way for the Pixel 6 and try to understand about Tensor! I compare the Pixel 5 with Edge+ and Steve gets a first look at the Sony Xperia 5iii. Loads to chat about, so do join us!

Tech Addicts Podcast
Sunday 19th September
Gareth and I are back again with our weekend catchup with all things tech. This time we Hark Back to the Spectrum, find out all about Museletters, wonder about wipers and ponder over power supplies and PowerToys! Loads more of course including Bargains galore.

Projector Room
Wednesday 22nd September
Gareth, Allan and I are back again with our thoughts on what we've been watching in the last fortnight in cinema, film and TV. Loads of goodies as always including Worms for a Themed Treat, Japanese Animation, some good stuff coming soon and of course, your contributions.

The Phones Show
Wednesday 22nd September
It's Sony's new medium-sized 'compact flagship' and it's... almost perfect. But is there enough here to offset the continued annoying lack of Qi Charging? Join Steve as he finds out.

Phones Show Chat
Friday 24th September
Yes indeed, plenty to chew over this week with new stuff and old. It's all here from Sony, Apple, Moto, Nokia, Xiaomi - even Microsoft! Join Steve and I as we natter about all this and more for an hour while Steve meets up with Keith Chant on the road!

Tech Addicts Podcast
Sunday 26th September
Gareth and I are back again this weekend with another deluge of drivel about all stuff tech that we've stumbled into! I'm trying my hand at retro and modern gaming (at last), YouTube and Kindles get with the programme, Fairphone try to be fair with non-phones and we squeeze more out about Pixel 6! Plus Bargain basement of course.

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