Wednesday, 6 January 2021

The Wolf of Snow Hollow

It wasn't until I was 20 minutes into this that I realised that it was supposed to be comic! Penny dropped! Sure enough IMDb classifies it as comedy/horror/thriller!

It feels almost like a teen slasher-flick half the time with nods to the humour-base of Fargo, maybe a land-based Jaws and visuals from The Silence of the Lambs! A right old mix-up.

Amongst the funnies and cringeworthy character of son of ex-police chief trying to lead like his dad did, the audience has to try and work out, with the police, whether there's some sort of massive wolf on the loose or in fact, a human serial killer as pretty girl after another is attacked, killed and dismembered in the snow! Some of that is graphic and a bit gory, but never very far from humorous too. The music is often playful in the background, adding to the 'light' tone amongst the mayhem.

It's all good fun anyway, nice and short and a good late night one with a beer or two. I'm sure that the late, great Robert Forster could have had a better swan-song than this, but it was nice to see him one more time even if only for short bursts, filming when he was 78.

Give it a look with your tongue in cheek. Now streaming in various places.

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