Friday 9 October 2020

Oridget Digital Timer Plugs

Most of us will remember the electrical timers with a spinning clock/dial and loads of 'pins' to put into lots of holes to make the thing turn on and off - well, this does that same thing digitally, but with more functions!

The unit has a battery inside so will not lose the settings for a good 24 hours if left unplugged. The clock is easy to set and offers 24/12hr options. The range of programmes is enormous with pretty much every combination of days you could wish for from every day to one day - and all options between (so, for example, weekdays, M-Sat, M,W,F and so on - there are loads)!

The user can set up to 18 events for the timer, so again, a whole range of days, timings, options galore - we can't imagine how anyone could use them all up! There's also a Random mode which runs, you guessed it, at random intervals - ON for between 1min and 16 mins, and OFF for between 16mins and 32mins, randomly. The countdown timer lets you plug something in and get it to turn off after an assigned time - again, easy to set.

The LCD screen is big and clear and if in view of the user, constantly displays the time so can be used as a clock! The main digits are large too so can be seen from a distance away. It's made of hard white plastic and you get two in the box, making them currently £8 each. The buttons are firm and clicky. All in all, they're excellent units which we recommend.

If you're buying, please use this link:
Thanks - I get a few pennies 🙂

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