Saturday, 8 December 2018

Pixel 3 ...or Sirocco

Here's an odd one. I’ve got a 25% off Google Play Store voucher. That makes the Pixel 3 128GB £629. Tempting. My biggest concern is battery life on the Pixel. Reviewers who have tested it properly over time report that it’s worse than the Pixel 2, which was bad enough. So I started thinking about it and weighing up the pros ans cons against the Nokia 8 Sirocco again, in hand!

The reasons that I think I've decided against...
1. I don't like the Pixel homescreen elements stuck, resulting in a cramped screen - so we have the resulting madness of using Nova on Vanilla! My sirocco is laid out how I want it, as Android was supposed to be!
2. I don't like lack of Navigation control method - the Pixel has no way to change it. With Pie on the Nokia devices, you still have a choice.
3. I don't like the fact that it looks like an iPhone (and 1001 other clones out there). My Sirocco is unique and stylish like none other.
4. I'm really not bothered about the camera like others. I sometimes think that everyone is forgiving everything else just for that.
5. Great though it is to have (faux) stereo speakers, they distort at top volume - the Razer doesn't. But yes, a point over the Sirocco.
6. There's no HDMI-out. Sirocco does have.
7. Only 4GB RAM - Sirocco has 6GB.
8. I never use Qi charging, even when available. Sirocco has this too, if I did.
9. IP rating - I've never had to rely on this - but Sirocco has it anyway.
10. The difference between SD845 and 835 is not significant enough (for my use) for it to factor in over the Sirocco.
11. There are bugs (latest one screen flashing) on the Pixel (yes, I know, they will sort them), but none on Sirocco. Silky smooth - never a glitch.
12. Latest software? Well AndroidOne is only one step behind. Supposedly!
13. Neither have 3.5mm audio-out.
14. The Sirocco has a preferable 16:9 ratio screen and is better in the hand with wider keyboard.
15. The Sirocco has a brighter AMOLED.
16. They both have 128GB locked-in, no microSD.
17. Sirocco has better performing battery at 30+ hours and 8+ hrs SoT
18. Both have Always-On screens, though Sirocco display is bigger and brighter. Now Listening of the Pixel is the only advantage.

After all that, it's down to the 'unique' features in software of the Pixel that TBH I never use! I can't remember the last time I spoke to my phone. I don't want WellBeing telling me when to do what, not Winding me Down to bedtime. I'll make my own decisions thank you! I've decided against. I think. But I so hate to pass up a serious bargain!


  1. Pixel 3 owners will cry after reading this. Even the Google camera can be ported to Sirocco bridging that gap further!

    1. Hehe. Indeed. Though actually, through all that, the Vanilla Google Fan in me has maybe not quite convinced myself to do the sensible thing!


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