Saturday, 7 July 2018

New York, I Love You

A series of vignettes depicting ordinary and extraordinary life in New York. Each written by, directed by and produced by different people. Some famous people, some famous actors, some unknowns, some masters of their craft. Beautifully cooked by these people, each story adds a tasty course to the meal and ensures a satisfied diner.

Short themed stories - crime and criminals, attraction and love, hope and loss, marriage and convention, dealing and deception, music and art, coincidence and chance, compassion and excitement, misunderstanding and judgement, nostalgia and regret, relationships and caring, twisting and turning - are entwined together to make a cracking work of art.

Photography is wonderfully executed throughout and this collection of story-writers and directors have really laid on the sumptuous feast alluded to above. It is brilliantly acted by all parties, famous, experienced or not and each one creates a unique atmosphere and style of its own. Highly recommended.

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